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New beginnings and familiar things

March 04, 2018

  Can you believe we are nearly a quarter of the way through the year? It is March, already! Those of us with school age kids are sighing with relief, they have finally settled back into a routine. Those of us with kinder kids are just beginning to settle into kinder. Yeah, don't hold your breath because the term one holidays are right around the corner at the end of March, for those of us in Victoria. Seriously. We just have the kids in a routine and Whamo! Back to the school holidays. So that means, who is looking after my kids while I am working? Yes I have sorted that out now, because those pesky school holidays are just... Continue Reading →

Making it through and looking to the future...

November 03, 2017

Hey there all those Dansk Kids people!  Can we say a big thank you for your support this year? We are three years old now and we are looking into our fourth year. We have much to be proud of, but there is still much ahead of us.  Similar to those early days, weeks and months with your newborn. You have your little one. They may or may not have come into the world as you expected. They may or may not be feeding as you would like. As for sleeping, well, forget about it, that comes later right? Yet you struggle through those first days, the seemingly neverending, but at the same time super quick weeks and suddenly, you... Continue Reading →