October 28, 2014


Danish designer kids clothes

One of the things I love about Dansk Kids is not just all the time Briony and I get to spend working together (via Facetime), nor is it the hours spent poring over adorable Danish designer kids clothes, it’s the chance to share reflections of the time I spent in Copenhagen.

We love all the designers: Krutter, Knast, Fannymia, and Joha who have put their faith in us to bring their beautiful garments to Australia. For Okker Gokker organic, it is a new venture into this part of the world, even though they have been designing inspirational baby and children’s wear for over fifteen years in Denmark.


I remember first discovering OkkerGokker organic in Østerbro, a suburb that lies at the easterly end of the lakes, which form the northern boundary of the inner city of Copenhagen. I was so impressed by an all in one winter jump suit for babies, I had never seen such an item before. They keep babies warm in the pram, are made of super soft fabrics with inner linings, and they also used this fabric for great hats, bibs and many other practical items.

Later, I was thrilled to discover they also had a store in Gammel Kongvej, Frederiksberg, around the corner from our apartment. I would wander down with my red Emmaljunga pram, so wide I would have to park it like a car in front of the store, leave my sleeping baby Ruby inside the pram and browse inside the store. Can you imagine a city so safe and welcoming that you can leave your baby outside a cafe or store, while you eat or browse inside? Your baby continues to rest freely in the friskluft or fresh air (the Danes do this with babies all the time – they swear the friskluft is good for them) and should they stir, you could rest assured a passerby would duck their head in and let you know the baby needed attention! I was always amazed by this; it’s one of the things I really loved about life in Copenhagen.



Dansk Kids offers a virtual version of that traditional Copenhagener experience: parking your pram safely outside and taking the opportunity to get to know a great Danish designer. So this week click here and discover the style, comfort and quality of ethically made Danish designer kids clothes with free shipping of course!


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