November 11, 2014


Scandinavian kids clothes and brunch

A great tradition in Copenhagen that I loved and now really miss is Danish brunch. Of course we do brunch here, or the Sunday fry- up really, more English and American style, but the Danish brunch is something to behold.  When we first arrived in Copenhagen we lived in Elmegade, a very trendy, chic, sometimes grungy, usually loud, always funky street full of gorgeous shops, great cafes and, at the eastern end, Sankt Hans Torv, a little cobblestone square frequented by Copenhageners keen to grab some sun, people watch and to soak up Nørrebro’s happening atmosphere.

Here I discovered a fantastic baby and children’s wear store, Divæn og Krudtuglen, and a designer I love called Millou. My first experience of Danish brunch was here too, at a great cafe called Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus. If the name alone wasn’t enough to get you in, the brunch certainly was worth a visit. A sumptuous platter of fruit, yoghurt, muesli, Danish breads, cheeses, eggs, bacon, a latte and juice, what more could you ask for? All in beautiful little proportions on your plate, enough to fill you but not overload you. Fantastisk!

Then we would browse tiny boutiques beckoning you with their bijou windows and deep steps down to enter them; they’re in the basement of five-storey terraces built in the 1800s. I was always impressed by the colours, patterns and styles available for bukser (pants) and kjole (dresses) some made with organic fabrics, some made with surprising contrasting prints; so distinctive and such a practical cut for children: envisage tiny orange flowers matched with red and white gingham pockets. I bought a pair of those divine pants straight after my first Danish brunch for my daughter Ruby. Five years later my second daughter Lily still wears them, and they hardly look like they have been worn! This is the beauty of Scandinavian kids clothes, you invest in quality and it rewards you; time and time again, you get to see the little one you love, in something you adore!

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