October 14, 2014


Valhalla Reunion Gudhjem: Danish kids clothes exclusively for sale at Dansk Kids

Dansk Kids is proud to exclusively provide new Danish kids clothes brand Valhalla Reunion Gudhjem to you in Australia! The Black Raven collection for Autumn/Winter 2014-15 is the brainchild of Okker Gokker organic designers and is ethically made in India.

Valhalla Reunion Gudhjem represents the very best qualities of Danish designer kids wear. The focus of these garments is in the detail; the frills of the Frej bodysuit, the v neck and cuffs of Loke, the practical, but delicate satin ribbon trimmed neck opening of Rind, and the incomparable raven wing sleeve of Idi.


The inspiration for the design comes from Norse mythology and is the designers' way of paying homage to their Nordic ancestors. Fans of the TV show Vikings will be familiar with the names of these bodysuits. Valhalla refers to an enormous majestic hall ruled by the god Odin. It contains within it half of those who die in battle chosen by Odin to join their ancestors who have died before them. The other half who die in combat go to the goddess Frej's field known as Fólkvangr. According to Norse mythology, Loke sometimes assists the gods and sometimes causes problems for them, Idi is a giant rich in gold and Rind is a giantess, a goddess or a human princess.

 Valhalla Reunion Gudhjem bodysuits are cutting edge Danish design, demonstrating an innovative use of ancient imagery and contemporary textile production, while delivering a unique outfit for newborns to two year olds. There is nothing else like this in children's wear for style, elegance and comfort. The garment is striking in colour, bold in design and undeniably comfortable, made from delicate, fine, 100% wool. Each bodysuit has a satin ribbon trim on the leg, but the necklines and sleeves are distinct. There really is a style to suit the little individual you have to dress. So go on, be bold, absorb a little of that Scandinavian mythology, click here, and see the little one you love in brilliant Danish designer kids wear.

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