May 28, 2014


New Danish designers available @ Dansk Kids

We are so excited to bring some of Denmark's best children's wear designers to Australia for the first time in October 2014. We are proud to present the Autumn Winter 2014-2015 collections of Okker Gokker, Joha, and Krutter Knast. And as it will be Spring for us, we have some of the Spring Summer 2014 collection of Fannymia. These brands represent some of the finest traditions of Scandinavian design in children's clothing wear as well as cutting edge fashion, innovation and fun all ethically made.

We are proud to introduce Joha. This is a brand I first used in Copenhagen when I had my first daughter. I used the same outfits again for my second daughter in Australia and my sister Briony used the clothes again for her baby in Singapore. They just last and last and still look and feel new. Joha is o ne of Scandinavia's largest producers of underwear and night wear for babies, children and young people. The company has 50 years of experience and manufactures in the Ukraine and Germany . Joha is sold across Europe and this will be its first time for sale in Australia. It is well  known for the high quality and eco-friendly materials it uses to produce its garments.

Okker Gokker has been around since 1997. Again, this is a brand I found for the first time in Copenhagen. I adored the style and practicality of these garments for every day use and of the highest quality. Okker Gokker only uses organic fibres to make durable and comfortable kids clothes. In 2013 Okker Gokker was awarded best Danish sustainable children's wear brand. At Dansk Kids we are thrilled to be able to offer exclusively their unique new children's range called Valhalla Reunion Gudhjem, a tribute to their nordic mythology, woollen and unlike anything else. These body suits for newborns to two year olds represent cutting edge Danish design for kids.

Fannymia began in 2006. The four 'fs' are in all Fanny's garments: functional, fresh textiles, focus on details and flamboyance. These clothes allow children to play, move and look sensational. The attention to detail in these garments is obvious. Cuffs are finished with a flourish. Hems are given an invisible line so that the pants seem to float around the child's ankle. While Fanny originally made everything herself, now the business has expanded she has her garments manufactured in Lithuania.

Krutter Knast offers a retro feel and fun for children's clothing. Birgitta Sonn began Krutter in 2005, offering garments that hark back to the fun and playfulness of the 70's and 80's. Animal prints, bright colours, funky pants and bright patterns abound. Then in 2012 Krutter developed Knast. This has allowed the designer to explore a different fashion theme that is more minimalist, but still offers a unique outfit. 

So welcome again to the world of Dansk Kids where there is something for every little one and where you will adore every garment!



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