November 25, 2014


Christmas or Jul is coming, with Danish kids clothes of course!

Yes it is a month away, can you believe it? Christmas 2014, or Jul, as the Danes would say. It is a special time in Australia, so too in Denmark. A very traditional time in fact. It is true many Aussies dream of a white christmas, Scandinavian Christmas markets, real candles lit on your Christmas tree and yes, Virginia, it really does live up to the dream. The Danes recreate this dream every year with distinct Jul traditions, that include: advent calendars and candles lit each day, Jul frokost a very long, lavish buffet lunch that includes the very, many, herring dishes that there are in the world, and of course, decorating the Christmas tree on Xmas Eve, dancing around it with family and sharing in gift giving; these are some of the most compelling Danish cultural practices. 

 At Dansk Kids we can't quite offer you all those Danish treats this Christmas, but we can let you take home your little bit of Scandinavian Jul with traditional, gorgeous Danish kids clothes. The Reindeer Jumpsuit  by Krutter ought to get your little one in the festive spirit fairly quickly! Or the Aviaja Tunika by Fannymia screams Christmas cuteness, like only little reindeers can!  As we are in Australia, summer Christmas fun is sure to be had in the Milla Spencer dress also by Fannymia. So for Christmas 2014, see the little one you love in something you adore from Dansk Kids! (It is true, those Jul photos are from my apartment in Copenhagen 2008).

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