February 17, 2015


Where can you find a short sleeved onesie for less than $43 and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair? Right here!

We are very excited to announce that the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair for Kids Spring Summer 2016 will be held 5-7 August 2015 in Copenhagen, and Dansk Kids will be in attendance!

Check out the recent European Autumn Winter 2015 fair. This provides a snapshot of some of the gorgeous items that were available. We have just spent the month poring over the delicious offerings of Joha, Okker Gokker organic and Krutter Knast and are really pleased with the range of garments we have ordered.


We are delighted to introduce to you some brilliant new bamboo blends of kids clothes. They are super soft and so comfortable for baby and toddler. There are also some amazing new knits, cardigans and leggings that we have not stocked before and are really keen to add to the store.

We are impressed with the colours that you will see later this year. They are on trend, but pair so well with the current Autumn Winter 2014 range, that you can pick up a Joha bodysuit now, and later you can match it with a cardigan or leggings and the whole outfit just works. We love that. Things we own, that can be worn and worn and worn again, are what it is all about. Bodysuits that are ethically made using organic fabrics breathe exceptionally well in any weather and will ensure regardless of the heat, the wearer remains a safe temperature. So you can see the little one you love in something you adore, any time of the year!



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