March 17, 2015


Dansk Kids making life easier with a Feeding Journal


Here is something to bring order to chaos for those with newborns or newborns on the way - the Dansk Kids Feeding Journal.

We are really pleased to present this new feeding journal for FREE when you purchase two jumpsuits or bodysuits. It is just $14.95 on its own and makes a great gift for those who are pregnant, or who have new arrivals. Whether it is baby number one or three, this little journal allows you to keep track of all the info you need. It is super cute with the Dansk Kids logo and a convenient hand/nappy bag size of 11cm x 15cm. It allows you to record the date, time start and finish of feeds, whether you are on the left or right, even whether it was a wet nappy or not! 

It can go to the hospital and from the moment the little one arrives, all the information that needs to be kept, can be recorded. So when the midwife or maternity health nurse asks, "When did he/she last feed?" or "How many wet nappies today?". It is safe to say, it is all there, in the Dansk Kids feeding journal. Get yours here.

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