October 27, 2015


All I want for Christmas is a Viking Helmet

Yep, it is less than two months to Christmas; and what every child needs is a Viking Helmet! Seriously, when you see the gorgeous Valhalla Reunion Gudhjem Viking Hat , you will be convinced that your child will look even more divine in one. And they will! This gorgeous hat is a tribute to Nordic mythology and is too cute.

The brilliant new Okker-Gokker organic AW15 collection has also arrived and we are so pleased to share the most exquisite and original garments with you. Underlined by the theme of taking better care of the environment, the GOTS certified fabrics are inspired by warm earth and ocean colours, maritime surroundings and are manufactured by workers who receive a living wage.

The whale is a source of inspiration for the designers who created this print and as we know kids too are fascinated by them, so we are sure these original garments will be a hit! The girl with the globe, holds the world safe in her small hands and cares for the earth. This design is truly a piece of artwork that can be worn everyday, what is not to love!

So for Christmas gifts of distinction for children, click here and know that the garment will last, will look stunning, hasn't harmed the environment in its production and the person who made it, will also have a Merry Christmas.

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