January 31, 2017


Starting care, kinder or school in 2017?

Happy 2017 to all our customers and a special welcome to those of you who have recently signed up to this newsletter or have just discovered the joy of Scandinavian designed children's wear.

We are proud at Dansk Kids to provide gorgeous kids clothes that are exquisitely designed, beautifully made and super durable!

So it is that time of the year again, where we either brace ourselves for the return of the routine or ready ourselves to jump a new hurdle. Whether your big ones are returning to school, or your little ones are just starting out in care or kinder, it can be a time of adjustment for everyone in the family. 

We think the best way to send your big/little one out into the world is wearing something that you adore, and then they will wear your love with them all day! 

So we hope you find some comfy clothes for play/care, some durable garments for kinder, clothes for school kids without uniforms and for those with them, something to play in on the weekend!

Enjoy these early days, they grow up quick! And always, see the little one you love in something you adore.

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