About Us

After living in Copenhagen for two years, and falling in love with the unique style and quality of Scandinavian children’s clothing, sisters Jessica and Briony Doyle created Dansk Kids; a virtual wander through the cobblestone lanes of Copenhagen, showcasing some of Denmark’s most impressive children’s wear brands.

Dansk Kids is all about seeing the little one you love in something you adore. We celebrate brilliant, ethically made Scandinavian design and the innovation it delivers to baby and children’s wear, for ages newborn to eleven.  We are proud to offer for the first time in Australia:  OkkerGokker organic, Valhalla Reunion Gudhjem, Joha, Fannymia, Krutter, Knast and Tout Petit. Whether it is your own little darling, your grandchild, your best friend’s baby, your niece or nephew, or your colleague’s new arrival; at Dansk Kids, we offer clothes that capture the moment your eyes light up, your breath goes in and you sigh, “How gorgeous is that?” We are passionate about the bold patterns, fabric textures, and audacious use of colour that you only find in baby and children’s wear designed in Scandinavia. We want to provide this comfort and joy to children everywhere!


Jessica Doyle

I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband Patrick, and daughters Ruby and Lily. I lived in Copenhagen from 2008 to 2010, and Ruby was born there in 2009. While pregnant with Ruby, I discovered the amazing cobblestone lanes of Copenhagen full with exciting baby and children’s wear designed in Denmark or Scandinavia. I was so impressed by the Danes’ use of colour, style, the patterns, and the fabrics. On returning to Australia in 2012, to have Lily I found I wasn’t able to source some of these independent Scandinavian brands. So my sister Briony and I developed  Dansk Kids to bring that brilliant Scandinavian design back home with us.  I love that the clothes I bought in Copenhagen for Ruby are now worn by Lily - they still look and feel great!


Briony Doyle

I live in Dubai, with my husband Dave, and son Freddie. I visited Copenhagen in 2008 and 2009.  When my sister Jess had Ruby, I loved all the cool clothes we were able to buy for her, particularly the Liberty fabrics: really funky, different baby clothes. Recently I gave birth to Freddie in Singapore, and I found myself unable to find that sort of exciting and engaging clothing, (particularly for boys) garments that are interesting and inspiring. So when Jess suggested the idea for Dansk Kids, I was on board straight away. I am passionate about being able to provide options online for busy people to find original, innovative and unique baby and children’s clothing.